The Phoenix School of Academic Excellence (PSAE), also known as The Learning Institute Charter High School (TLI), is a charter school located in central Phoenix, Arizona, serving students in grades 7th- 12th. Since PSAE opened in 1998, it has been and still is designated as an alternative school by Arizona Department of Education. To make available the best individualized learning for your child, PSAE provides a variety of instructional resources through direct instruction and Web-based learning. Our student's benefit from the differentiated coursework we provide for all students. PLATO, our web-based curriculum provides learning in all core subjects and electives. With PLATO, we can construct courses for struggling learners or offer rigorous courses for advanced students. The Phoenix School of Academic Excellence recognizes the unique needs and different levels of each student. If you would like to learn more about PSAE, please read our Mission Statement.


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