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Nate Palma, President   


Julie Palma, Principal/Director 

Mrs. Palma is the Director of PSAE [The Learning Institute] and Royalty Learning Center. She has been apart of our team for 11 years. Mrs. Palma was born in Arizona and raised in Buckeye.  Her hobbies are spending time with her family and gardening.  Her time spent here at The Learning Institute has opened her eyes to see the need to help our youth reach their full potential and serve their purpose. 

Favorite quote:  "Always be honest, be kind, keep your promises, smile, be grateful, laugh, share, do your best, work hard, forgive and forget, love, be happy, say your prayers, show grace, speak the truth." -Uknown 


Jordan Palma

Business Administrator 

Mr. Jordan is our Business Administrator at PSAE. He has been apart of our team for 5 years. Mr. Jordan graduated from PSAE/TLI in 2011. Mr. Jordan was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and enjoys camping and baseball.


Jose Luis Orbe

Science Department Instructor

I was born in Acapulco, Guerrero and fluent in Both   Spanish and English. In 2015 I enrolled in Rio     Salado College to be certified in Mathematics. From   2015-2016 I was employed at Casa Academy as a   Paraprofessional/ Teacher. I received an opportunity to be a part of the PSAE team as a Science Instructor.   I feel very passionate about demonstrating to those of low-income students that there are many opportunities out in the world. Looking further into the future I'm wanting to increase my level of education and sharing the gained knowledge from the PSAE with others.

 Favorite quote: “ Live simply so that others may simply live”. -Gandhi


Caitlin Palma

History Department Instructor   

 Ms. Caitlin is our History Instructor, Elective   Coordinator, and Assistant Director at our campus   Child Care Center at PSAE/Royalty Learning Center.   She has been a part of our team for four years. Ms.   Caitlin is a graduate of PSAE, and is also pursuing   her Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.

 Favorite quote: "May the best of your today's be the   worst of your tomorrow's."

 Email: mspalma@psae-edu,org

Teresa Widmer

English Department Instructor 

Ms. Widmer is our English Language Arts instructor at   PSAE. She has been a part of our team for three years.   Ms. Widmer is an ASU graduate with a Master’s degree   in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Widmer   enjoys fine art and painting and was a professional   painter before becoming an educator

 Favorite quote:  “Deeds not Words Shall Speak to me.” -John   Fletcher


Hunter Apley

History Department Instructor 

Mr. Apley is our Science Paraprofessional at PSAE. He has been apart of our team for less than a year. Mr. Apley graduated from PSAE in 2016. He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and some of his favorite things to do are go hiking and play video games.

Favorite quote: "I don't know where I'm going, but I know just where I've been." -Unknown



Joseph Merced

Academic Advisor   

 Mr.Merced is our Academic Advisor at PSAE. He has   been apart of our team for four years. Mr. Merced   graduated from PSAE in 2011, If I could have one super   power it would be the ability to find lost items instantly   because I hate losing things. 

 Favorite quote: "If you're not first you're last" -Ricky Bobby


Jesse Rubin

 Math Department Instructor

  Mr. Rubin is our Math   Instructor at PSAE. This is his first year with us. He graduated from PSAE in 2015. Born and raised in   Phoenix, Arizona, he enjoys playing video   games with his friends   as well as playing outside with his dog, Dawn. If he could have one, his preferential super power would be teleportation so he wouldn't have to spend time or money on traveling, which he would love to do if he could. He is often heard singing his favorite quote/lyrics from one of his favorite bands We Came as Romans, "I always knew I'd never reach perfection, and if I ever did, then I wasn't trying hard enough, 'cause there is always something more to reach for!"


Angelica Torres


 Ms.Torres is our Registrar at PSAE/Royalty  Learning   Center. She has been apart of our team for almost   two years. Ms. Torres was born in Washington state   and can speak Spanish fluently. Ms. Torres   graduated from PSAE in 2011. "If I could have one   super power it would be the ability to fly because gas   is expensive."

Favorite quote: "We were born to be real, not   perfect."


Frank Martinez

 Student Support/ Administrative Assistant

 Mr. Frank  is our Sports Coach, Transportation, and   campus Monitor at PSAE. He has been apart of our team     for 1 year at PSAE. Mr. Frank graduated from Carson High   School In California. My Hobbies are cooking, baking and f   fishing. If I could have one super power it would be to     freeze time so I could spend more time with my family on weekends and have more time to spend with the students   during the week.

 Favorite quote: "Nothing is impossible when you let God   take control.“


Mark Vite, Special Services   Email:

Here At PSAE we believe in our team members... just as much as we believe in our students. PSAE trains and qualifies our staff with the proper training and enviorment to fit each individual need(s) of our students. Our hope is that what we pour into our staff is what will trickle down into our students.

Fun Fact: 70% of our staff members are our very own graduates!

All resumes are available upon request.


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